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Present pressure

As a mum, pressure comes in various forms and at different times, but there’s usually something causing you angst at some point as you attempt to do the dance of motherhood / career / wife / partner / friend / fit person etc…

For all it’s absolute pleasures, rearing children is bloody tough and it often comes down to the pressure we place upon ourselves to do well. To perform well for the children, or for ourselves, or for the benefit of others.  It’s worrying about our performance and the way that others feel we are performing as mothers that can be the source of stupid levels of stress that usually completely unfounded.

We found that some of this is linked to birthdays!  Ridiculous!  Days that should be joyous, fun-filled and full of everything that children love, can send parents into crazed psycho demons.  Why? Well if it’s your own child’s birthday you somehow convince yourself that no matter how many birthday presents you buy, you haven’t bought enough.  How many of us have been guilty of panic buying online 2 days before, despite the extortionate next day shipping fee?  How many of us have said “Oh, we’re just doing a small get together for little Johnny’s birthday this year, nothing too fancy” and have found themselves at the Asda checkout with a beige buffet and sugar mountain that could feed the 5,000??

If it’s someone else’s child’s birthday and your little one has received an invite…but you don’t really know them…what the heck do you buy? You know what you like and you know what your kids like, but they’ve only just met at school, you have no idea and little Johnny is not being very forthcoming when you interrogate him over little Bobby’s favourite toys! Alongside this, you want little Bobby to enjoy his gift, and you want little Bobby's mum and dad to think you put some effort in!

Finding unique children’s gifts or birthday presents that you actually like spending your money on can be tough.  We’ve both experienced it as mums so we wanted to create a unique solution.  Not Another Birthday was born and we hope that our boxes go some way to easing just one of life’s mum pressures!