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Planner Plannerson

I don’t know about you but I LOVE a list and a plan. My memory isn’t what it used to be since the smalls entered my life. My husband thinks i’m a control freak, I don’t know what he's talking about. He should know that if it’s not on the calendar it’s not happening.

I started the Summer holidays with the best intentions to be fun mum. I was armed with a list, a list of things to do with the smalls - I wanted to be organised and fun! I’d done my meal plans, made picnics (there's a running joke between my friends that alpaca lunch!)

For the first three weeks I nailed it. It helps that we live next to the beach and it was like being in Ibiza…..but without the cocktails. The kids were having a blast, I had my Tesco food shop delivered, I didn’t even have to brave the shops with two over excited hooligans. I was winning at this parenting game.

Then the fourth week came. I didn’t follow the plan, meals were left to the last minute. Feeding these bears three meals a day and ALL THE SNACKS in the world was expensive! Why do they eat so much? I’d lost my mum mojo, it was freezer tapas for dinner. My house and mind were trashed. We only just survived the next few weeks.

My sister tagged me in a post because that’s how we all communicate these days - through memes on Facebook and Instagram posts. But this one was different. She tagged me in the The Organised Mum Method (TOMM). The second I started watching her videos and following her posts, Brian (that’s my brain) felt amazing. Both my smalls are now in full time school *sob* so I don’t have to cram everything into the two and a half hours before nursery pick up. Gem’s method is simple. Clean and organise, little and often. I used to think that as with most things in my life, it need to be all done at once, and if not I’d failed. She breaks it down into manageable, achievable daily tasks and in 30 minutes you’re done! Take a look.

I know having a clean house isn’t everything but it definitely makes life easier when you're not trying to find the other rugby boot or ballet shoe 30 seconds before you’re leaving.  In fact, it makes being a parent easier. I’m one of those people that loves routine and order (if you hadn’t already guessed).

So I’m back meal planning and getting the kids’ social calendar in order (party invites coming in already!) and you know what? I feel with the first week of school done, I’m winning!

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Now I’m off to make a list!