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Not the polar bear!?!

Friend and former colleague of Lucy's, Richard Jones, has kindly shared his thoughts on just how much fatherhood has changed him....blubbing over polar bears??

I consider myself to be a pretty modern man. I groom (not children), I’m much more comfortable constructing an email than a shelf and I am in touch with my feelings. I still cry at the end of Saving Private Ryan, it gets me every damn time!

However, since my little boy Louie came along two years ago, I fear I’ve become a little too in touch with my feelings. In fact I’d go as far as saying he’s turned me into a bit of a mess. Barely a week goes by where something doesn’t happen to leave my lip quivering. Ironically, I didn’t cry when he was born but since then the floodgates have opened.

And it’s not even always him. Of course, the first time he gave me a hug before I left for work did leave me walking to my car with ‘something in my eye’, but just as often it’s only the mere fact that I am now a dad and suddenly I see the world a lot differently. Red Nose Day, Stand Up To Cancer, for instance, we all know the true stories they show in between all the stuff we actually want to watch. Before Louie came along I’d just switch off, give the inevitable do-we-have-to-sit-through-this sigh and turn to my phone until it was over. Not now. Now I watch with my heart getting heavier with every second more of the tragic stories, imaging if it was me, my wife or worse, Louie going through that sort of torment and by the end I’m sobbing like a child whose ice cream just fell from the cone.

You’re probably reading that thinking, well that’s understandable, those stories are awful, designed to tug at our heart strings and make us donate - but there’s more. A couple of weeks ago I was watching a YouTube video showing a baby polar bear trying to climb up a slippery rock face to get to his mum. I would’ve never watched that before but soon I’m engrossed and in my head that baby polar is Louie and he looks scared. OH PLEASE MAKE IT TO MUMMY BABY POLAR BEAR! PLEASE! He does, thank God, but my heart is beating and I’m close to bursting again.

And that’s just a polar bear! A bloody polar bear! What has he done to me?!