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So what's this all about?

Not Another Birthday is all about providing a solution to one of the many stresses of motherhood, family life and the daily grind!

Created by two working mums, the tongue in cheek 'Not Another Birthday' brand, pokes fun at the exasperation we feel as mums when yet another party invitation winds its way back home in a rucksack when the kids start school.  We can honestly both say we have had weekends with three of four parties to attend - many of them with either the same people, or celebrating birthdays of kids we don't actually even recognise!

There's a lot of pressure to come up with lovely presents that are thoughtful and meaningful, and to buy things that not everyone already has.  We're busy people and sometimes this is really tough.  Fear not - we have the answer!  We worked really long and hard to search for gifts that we would love to gift to children and that our kids would love to receive, and packaged them up into themed gift boxes.

Our boxes therefore give you something unique, thoughtful, beautifully packaged and of course....affordable... taking the stress away from present-hunting and stopping you spending hours of scrolling on your phone.  The lucky recipients of a Not Another Birthday box receive not one gift but at least four, and you can further customise as you wish.

We hope you love the themes we have created - we have lots more to launch in the coming months.  Hopefully we're a really helpful solution for you and there'll be no more 'head in hands' moments when yet another birthday pops up.