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NAB's very own Kate tells us how 2019 is starting for her, and how she's looking to make some changes to set herself up for a great year ahead.

So January…………… Meh. We’ve made it to the end of the month!! Hurrah! January is an odd one, It's that 'come down' after Christmas and New Year when everyone’s either pumped up with the whole ‘New Year, new me’ or hidden away wanting January to do one. It’s such a long month, I’m thankful it’s nearly over, as is my bank account!

So what's January to you? Do you have New Years resolutions and goals for the year? Or are you a kind of 'it’s not broken, don’t try and fix it' type of person? As much as I hate all the memes about starting fresh in the new year, it does seem like a good time to start. It's as if someone has pressed the reset button and allowed last year's worries and problems to disappear.

I made lots of changes last year to how I manage my time and organise myself. And this year I’ve promised to myself to keep motivated with my exercise, eating habits and family organisation. I’ve nearly made it to the end of the month and I haven't cracked yet so reckon I can keep it going! My three ‘resolutions’ (if you'd like to call them that) are;


Not sticking my head in the sand regarding finances, actually checking my online banking and setting myself budgets. I want to go out and live in the moment, have holidays with friends and family, so setting budgets throughout the year will mean I’m not begging my husband for money! I’m not getting any younger so saving money for a rainy day would probably be a good idea.


This ties into everything. Whether it's menu planning, cleaning, booking appointments, planning ahead, things like birthdays and Christmas should not surprise us every year. The spreadsheet and calendar are key! Both my husband and I work shifts so planning all the kids' clubs, birthday parties, social events (theirs not mine!) makes sure we’ve got it covered. I’m still hoping that I’ll manage to arrange a girls night out at some point this year that we can all attend? It seems impossible, oh well maybe 2020!


My husband tells me ‘You're the glue that holds everything together and if you don’t look after myself then nothing will work’. He’s quite a wise man (don’t tell him I said that) but doing everything for everyone else means you normally go without or get the leftovers! I’m guilty of making dinner or packed lunches for everyone, then having nothing for myself. Or running about doing jobs and not taking 5 minutes to myself. So this year I’m asking for help, it’s ok to not be ok and it’s not a sign of weakness. I’m going to classes at the gym, doing things I enjoy and generally looking after myself. It could be a face mask once a week or a walk by yourself with some music - a happy woman can do anything.

Whatever your plans for 2019, I hope you have a happy and healthy one.