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Half term...All good intentions

The countdown is on!  February half term is nearly upon us! 

Does the thought of a week of no school fill you with excitement or dread?  Probably, like us, it’s a mixture of both - you’re looking forward to having some chilled time with the sprogs, but it will also involve inevitable chaos around juggling work, childcare, days out and avoiding hours upon hours of screen time.

We thought we’d have a bit of fun comparing our planned half term with reality…

Everyone enjoys a much-needed lay in.  The week is all about lazy mornings, sofa snuggles and late breakfasts before the days of fun begin.

Your kids wake up an hour earlier than they do on a school day.  Their usual refusal to get dressed is swapped for coming down dressed and ready, demanding breakfast before 7am.

You take the week off work, ready to spend quality time with your offspring who are so regularly neglected in the quest to pay the bills.

Every deadline in the world hits in half term so you manage to take a couple of days off, then spend every spare moment frantically writing emails from your phone whilst juggling a toddler in the other arm.

It’s all about the great outdoors as your break free of the shackles of the classroom, the office and the house, embracing your beautiful county.


At least three times in half term, we will spend time on creative pursuits such as arts, crafts and imaginative play.

A crafting session is attempted during which the dog is covered in glitter, the toddler runs off with the PVA glue and the eldest child is engaged for 10 minutes before he slopes off to play Minecraft.

If you’re looking for some half term wins, we’ve put together a top list of products to help keep the smalls amused, plus some great days out in our wonderful Suffolk, and nationwide.  Enjoy, and good luck!

Things to do in Suffolk
  • Bewilderwood
    Super fun outdoor adventure park in Norfolk based on a story
  • Hollow Tree Farm
    Small and friendly farm with a farm trail, play area and cafe.
  • Jimmy’s Farm
    Super popular working farm with farm trail, bouncy pillow, restaurant, shops and lots more
  • Easton Farm Park
    Long established farm park near Framlingham.  A hit with kids for years.
  • Billy Beez
    Soft play on an epic scale.  You'll come out with a headache but the kids will love it
  • Suffolk Wildlife Trust
    There are so many beautiful places in Suffolk and the Wildlife Trust runs amazing events and activities for kids.
  • Framlingham Castle
    The kids can run around the top of the castle and slide down the brilliant tube tunnel slide before rolling around on the grass outside.  You can dream about Ed serenading you from the castle on the hill.
Other days out
  • junior park run
    Parkrun is a modern phenomenon!  Free, timed 5k runs every Saturday morning and many have junior equivalents on a Sunday.  Burn off some energy and feel good about like!
  • Find a new park
    Discover a new park where you can climb trees, hunt for gruffalos and walk across highway rat trails. Usually you just have to pay for parking so these are a great, low cost, outdoor activity.
  • Local zoo or wildlife park 
    There are some great sites for huge lists of things to go in your local area from zoos to wildlife parks, to museums and shows.

Things to do at home
  • Den building 
  • Baking - there are loads of sites with links to kid friendly recipes.
  • Have a movie night
  • Make a treasure hunt