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GUEST BLOG! Thinking like an artist

This week's blog is from our friend Hetty Chance.  Hetty is one of those people that has an amazing aura of calm and wonderfulness about her.  She is the creative, earth mother that we all aspire to be, whilst still being really bloody funny and super cool.

We asked Hetty to put together her thoughts on something she is very passionate about - creativity in learning.

My four-year-old was once obsessed with drawing angels. Hours and hours and reams and reams of paper would pass, and there she would sit, drawing them over and over. One day she turned to me and said “If I keep drawing them mummy, they will get better and better!”

Now, it’s funny – how such a small moment can be such a defining one. Kids are magic in this way. They make you stop, and in amongst all of your big grown-up thoughts, make you think small again.

What I realised that day was that my daughter was thinking like an artist.

Child art

We are really lucky. She attends a very creative school. One where the emphasis lies on wanting to learn as opposed to having to. There is a lot of art. I work there, and each day thank both our lucky stars that she doesn’t do worksheets, and that I don’t have to use them for teaching. We encourage all children to think like the brilliant artists they are…or can be!

Why art?
- Artists can go beyond ordinary ways of thinking

- Artists examine things in many different ways in order to generate new perspectives.

- Artists find beauty in every day things and situations

- Artists collaborate and challenge traditional perceptions

- Artists do things simply because they are interesting or personally challenging.

So when the angel phase was in full flow, I let her go with it and just think like an artist. No diagraphs, no fronted adverbials, no worksheets. Just an artist. That’s more than enough.